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The game has been developed by Ghost Games and the publisher is EA sports. Need for Speed heat is not another NFS game, we have a campaign this time around which can be skipped. The story revolves around fighting the corrupt police force of Palm City. Apart from the storyline, there are a huge number of customizations that you can go through, essentially changing everything in your car.

My first impressions are that the game is not perfect at the moment. The forums are full of people raging about lagging, stuttering and random issues.

borderlands 3 claptrap loading screen

The most annoying of all is the blurriness and sharpened edges, which for some reason cannot be fixed. I tried finding out a solution for this, but there is none. Only a few people are reporting this issue because they think the graphics are fine, no they are not. I had stuttering issues on my PC that is currently running on i7 k with a Super.

Even if your PC falls in between the hardware mentioned above you can have troubles because the game is not optimized well at the moment. Windows loves tinkering with full-screen applications, especially games leading to performance drops. The game is on Origin and almost everyone nowadays uses Discord. Both of these applications have their overlays which are known for causing FPS drops, these drops are minor, but adding up both can take away around FPS for AAA games.

Likewise, disabling them completely will give you a boost. Whenever you lag in a game, the first thing you should do is, lower down your game settings. Start from Textures and Shadows, move further with toning down reflections. There are guides on YouTube with game-specific settings that you can look into for every game available nowadays.

Increasing game priority has always been an old-school way of increasing your FPS. This still works and gives every game a nice FPS boost. There are two reasons why this could be happening; first might be your connection and second would be the game taking a long time to load.

Fixing these should be self-explanatory, but I will explain them anyway. Also, check if there your connection has packet loss issues. After all, Restart your router.

Try moving your game to an SSD, this will fix the issue. Stuttering is mostly caused due to the game not being able to read your hard drive at the desired speeds.

To troubleshoot this, use the task manager to find what application is using your hard drive. If you are overclocking your system in any way, just disable it and start the game. After doing all this, my FPS was boosted by almost Hope this guide works the same way for you.

There are optimization problems with the game at the moment and the developer knows about it. Hotfix updates will follow soon and these problems should be ironed out.

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Do comment below if this guide helped you out.This page contains information and locations of the Dead Claptraps you can find in several regions of Borderlands 3.

Your main buddy Claptrap is a last of his kind, but he's hard at work on building himself a girlfriend - but he'll need you're help locating spare parts from the forgotten husks of old Claptrap robots found in various places on different planets. Dead Claptrap Locations below are divided up into regions. You can also view our Interactive Maps for more information.

You can find this Claptrap located in the scrapyard above Ellie's Garage near the entrance area of the Droughts, by heading up the path located behind her garage. Once you reach the makeshift demolition derby area filled with COV bandits driving cars, look behind the rows of stacked cars nears the far ledges to find a Dead Claptrap hanging upside down over the abyss.

You can find this Claptrap in the middle area of The Droughts near a rest stop and Catch a Ride station, located past the path up to the Crimson Raiders Drydock, heading towards the path to Ascension Bluff. When you spot the sign for the Catch A Ride in the middle of the road, look down below it by some ruined cars to find the Dead Claptrap perched on some debris. You can find a lone dead Claptrap on the Ascension Bluff along the Path of Sacrifice leading to the main building on the region. After passing the main gate and going up the plateau path, look for a center divider with large debris and you'll find a red Claptrap tied to a post, and can climb up to reach it.

This Dead Claptrap can be found at the Sin-e-plex located on the northeast side of the Devil's Razor area, where you'll find a large junkyard area with a giant drive-in movie screen.

Head to the very northwest corner of the area under the movie screen to find a small alcove with an open shipping container, leading to a little hovel where the remains of the claptrap can be found. This dead claptrap can be found in the middle area along the cliffsides, not far from the large rollercoaster complex that can easily be seen along the road.

Go around the entrance to the rollercoaster area itself to find a large plateau on the other side of the complex, and nearby you'll find a broken car and umbrella, with the remains of a claptrap stuck in a large tire. This dead Claptrap can be found in a small hidden room in the region of Carnivora, located in the Stacked Deck bandit town near the start of the region.

As soon as you enter the stacked deck, move south through the town while hanging along the left side, and you'll find an open doorway with a red light shining out.

This leads to a trap door where you'll find the remains of the claptrap down inside. You can find this discarded Claptrap inside the Guts of Carnivora, towards the end of the dungeon between the Windshaken Catwalks and right outside Mack's Head Room. Fight your way through the guts all the way up through the top level, until you reach the end of the outdoor catwalk to find a section to the side of the boss door, where a dead Claptrap sits at the end of a conveyor belt.

The first of two dead claptraps that are located in Konrad's Hold can be found in the far northwestern corner of the map, located in the Fallback Tracks area. Once you fight your way close to the last large building after passing into a large outdoor area, look in the top area along the cliffside to find a small cart track leading to the cliff, with the dead claptrap located in a mine cart.

How to fix: Borderlands 3 optimising shaders on Steam takes forever

The second of the two dead claptraps located in Konrad's Hold can be found across a ravine from the other claptrap, located in the Last Stand Yard below the Chapel of Unheard Prayers.

You can reach this area by heading to the far northwest building to find a lift up and across the broken bridge to the chapel. Once you reach the Last Stand Yard, look for a ledge to jump down west to a plateau below, and you'll find the the claptrap on the edge under the broken bridge. The final dead Claptrap on Pandora can be found at the Cathedral of the Twin Gods, one of the final regions on the planet, and is located between the Outer Sanctum and the Courtyard of the Damned.

Fight your way into the Outer Sanctum and look for a small room with a window that you can't get through. Instead, move into the hallway beyond, and look along the right wall for a doorway that's been boarded up, and destroy the wooden boards to enter the room where the dead Claptrap has been nailed to a large red V.

This Claptrap can be found early on when first arriving at the outskirts of the city, in the grassy valleys leading to the city entrance.

Look along the south edge as you near the end of the valleys to find a small cave with more Ratch Eggs where they spawn from, and you'll find a Claptrap body hidden in one of the egg sacs. This dead Claptrap can be found at the bottom of a stairwell near the center of the Metroplex, almost straight up from where the temporary Atlas base manned by Lorelei is.

Take the long ramp down to the tunnels, and then look left to find a small path leading to two sets of stairs near the center of the map. On the landing between the two sets of stairs, you'll find the remains of a Claptrap. The first of two dead Claptraps can be found as soon as you enter Lectra City through the seaport and up to the Market Square, which is south from the entrance to the city. Head to the water's edge at the end of the Market Square and jump onto the low roofs that look down on the water across to the nearby shipyard, and you'll find the discarded robot on top of an awning.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

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Had the game on xbox just bought it today and I get stuck on the claptrap loading screen, have tried almost everything and can't get it to work.

I went on GeForce and updated drivers and then It had told me I didn't have good enough system requirements when I clearly do. Anybody got a fix? Showing 1 - 11 of 11 comments. One of your components might be bugged or messed up. I recently had this issue with my graphics card, and as soon as I replaced it, game worked fine.

Nite69 View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by Nite69 :. What are the rest of your PC specs? Edit cfg file in mygames folder Originally posted by GlaDyS :. Junipercat View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by! Karos :.How to fix the issue with the Borderlands 3 optimising shaders loading screen taking forever on Steam.

borderlands 3 claptrap loading screen

After the controversial decision to be an Epic Games store exclusive for six months, Borderlands 3 is now finally available on Steam and has predictably launched at the top of its charts. However, with so many players attempting to enjoy the third instalment, there have been lots of complaints about an optimising shaders loading screen that takes forever.

And yes, this was an issue back when the game launched exclusively for Epic on PC. While the possibility of a Tales From The Borderlands Season 2 is incredibly exciting, what Borderlands 3 fans have to anticipate at the moment is its brilliantly named DLC, Guns, Love, And Tentacles of which you can watch the very first minutes.

The optimising shaders loading screen taking forever was an issue for Borderlands 3 on the Epic Games store, and reverting back to DX11 from DX12 was said to solve the problem. This has made the whacky, colourful and buoyant first-person shooter impossible to play, and people on Reddit have shared that the issue first occurred after switching to DX Gamerant previously shared steps for how to revert back to DX11 from DX12 :. Right-click the file and open with Notepad.

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Game freezing is the most frustrating part of PC gaming. You may run into issues of game freezing for several reasons such as hardware issues, incompatible drivers, corrupt game files, software conflicts, low RAM, etc.

Here is a general guide to help rule out common issues. You may not have to try them all, just work your way down the list until you find the one that does the trick for you. Make sure your computer meets the minimum requirements to run the game, then move on to the fix below.

An incompatible graphics driver is one of the most common causes of game issues, such as the game freezing, lagging, and crashing.

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If Borderlands 3 freezing issue occurs after updating your graphics driver, it is either because the latest version of the driver is not compatible with your game or because the driver is not properly installed on your PC. Then, click Device Manager. Now try launching your game again to see if this has resolved your issue.

borderlands 3 claptrap loading screen

If your issues continue to occur, try updating your device drivers. Driver Easy will automatically recognize your system and find the correct drivers for it.

But with the Pro version it takes just 2 steps and you get full support and a day money back guarantee :. Driver Easy will then scan your computer and detect any problem drivers. By default, Windows run programs without administrative rights, which means that your programs only have limited permission to access system control.

Try running your game as an administrator. Here is how:. The Borderlands 3 freezing issue is sometimes triggered by damaged or missing game files. Here is how to do it:.

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The Epic Games Launcher will fix corrupted or missing game files if it detects any. After turning off unwanted programs, relaunch your game to test your issue. If not, check the next fix, below. Follow the instructions below:. Restart your computer and your game after the update is complete. If the freezing issue happens again, try the fix, below. It is a combination of RAM and a portion of your hard drive. If your computer runs out of RAM when running Borderland 3Windows will dip into virtual memory for temporary file storage.

If the size of your virtual memory is not big enough to save temporary files, the game could easily freeze or crash. To fix it, apart from upgrading your RAM, you can also increase your virtual memory.

You should be able to run the game without freezing now.

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There is still 1 more fix to try. If none of the fixes above worked for you, reinstalling the Epic Games Launcher is very likely the solution to your issue. Then, reinstall Borderlands 3. Hopefully, one of the solutions above worked for you.Borderlands 3 Claptrap Loading Screen.

NFS Heat: FPS Lag Fix, Black Screen, Freezing, Crashing Issues

Or maybe the trophy pops when there is a loading screen or just a plain old black screen, like in Dragon Age: Inquisition and Never Alone. Black Screen in Borderlands 3 Patch Fix. A loading screen message speaks of an incident involving Marcus and a straw.

borderlands 3 claptrap loading screen

Borderlands 3 claims to have one billion guns, which is 56 times the amount of guns Borderlands 2 had, which is impressive in any context. During Gearbox Software's gameplay reveal event, the developers. Claptrap words exact match in snippet view article find links to article stairs. Gearbox has stressed that Borderlands is a first-person shooter foremost with a layer of role-playing game elements.

Borderlands 3 Crash Fixes: Borderlands 3 crashes all of a sudden for some players after minutes of gameplay. The screen blacked out, and after one second two glowing white, angry eyes opened on my screen, and a Japanese symbol appeared, overlaying the eyes, that I can't remember.

By tricking the hotfix update process data will now be loaded in from a local file instead of the Borderlands servers. The Giant Piano southeast of Lonely Lodge. An Axe to Grind: He uses a psycho axe for surgery a few times.

While others are downloading, we are up and running. Hot fixes are not permanent -- they are temporarily stored in memory during the game session and lost upon exiting Borderlands 2. You will need to …. In more than a dozen states, the process of registering to vote is so complicated that many people simply forego voting altogether. Watch out for these bugs when playing Borderlands 3.

Developer Epic Games has changed how challenges work in Fortnite season 10, aka season X. Fix cutscenes displaying incorrectly when using an ultra-wide resolution: Disable FidelityFX sharpening. Hello to anyone watching this and welcome to the channel.

Gaming Discussion. If your friend is down, run over and heal them quickly.Those of you playing Borderlands 3 on PC like myself will no doubt have encountered a few of the performance issues plaguing the game. For PC players, the same issue could probably stem from poor optimisation as some people have noted that they have been able to run more demanding games just fine.

Here are a few things you can try to eliminate the stuttering:. If you want to run Borderlands 3 with the highest frame rates possible, these recommended optimal settings will sort you out:. The most intensive setting according to tests. After that, the loading screens are bearable. Some console players, even the ones playing on PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, have reported serious framerate dips and freezes when it gets too frantic or when someone pauses the game to change weapons.

Issues with screen cropping are being reported by players using displays. The only known solution so far is to simply disable FidelityFX Sharpening in the graphics settings. Byrgenwerth Scholar and occasional writer. Likes well-timed dodges.

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Dislikes dialogue wheels. Share this: Facebook Twitter WhatsApp. Like this: Like Loading In-Game Stuttering For PC players, the same issue could probably stem from poor optimisation as some people have noted that they have been able to run more demanding games just fine.

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Here are a few things you can try to eliminate the stuttering: Close the Epic Games Store launcher after you start the game. Set Texture Streaming to Low or Medium. Set Overall Quality to Very Low and then fine-tune each advanced graphics options. Console Issues Some console players, even the ones playing on PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, have reported serious framerate dips and freezes when it gets too frantic or when someone pauses the game to change weapons.

Hopefully, that will get fixed too. Screen crop issue on display. Image from Reddit user daronmal. Posted on September 15, 1 By Burhanudin Zamri News Posted in News Tagged borderlands 3borderlands 3 best graphics optimization guideborderlands 3 dx12borderlands 3 dx12 issueborderlands 3 fixesborderlands 3 pc issuesborderlands 3 stutteringborderlands 3 technical issuesborderlands 3 widescreen issuePC.

Burhanudin Zamri Byrgenwerth Scholar and occasional writer. What about the people that are stuck on the claptrap loading screen forever using dx11? Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Search for Twitter My Tweets.

Borderlands 3 Crash/Freeze FIX!

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